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Los Angeles agrees and make major policy shift.

Folkscycle give you the best of both worlds.

No more need for:

registration. insurancelicense, toll charges, parking problems

no payments or interest for 6 months*

Whether you’re riding to work, school, shopping or just out for a pleasure ride, your Folkscycle Wave will assure you enjoy the trip.  Feel the freedom of having the options of 5 assist settings or just use the throttle and enjoy the breeze.  With a speed of 20 mph, in the bike lane, you will cruise passed that line of backed up traffic and always have reserved parking at the door.  Your Folkscycle Wave gives you all the options;  exercise, comfort, convenience and just plain fun.


Read what our owners are saying:

“I’ve never had fun going to and from a haircut before ;^)” “The bike is fun to ride, gets me to work alert, smiling, ready to face my job and does all that for very little money. It also gives me a little exercise and might just make the world a little more “green”, at least compared to driving a car.” “You’ve got  really solid product.”  More



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The folkscycle Wave is an electric assist bicycle (e-bike) with Style + Affordability + Durability + Technology + Comfort + Ease of operation and an exceptionally long useful life = folkscycle Wave.

*subject to credit approval.